Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Raining Babies!

 There is nothing more precious than a brand new baby.  My BFF and fellow crafter, Jeni from Flip Flop Creations has a brand new grandson, Luke.  I spent some time with little Luke and his family over the weekend and want to share the card I made for this little guy.
I went in search of an old friend for this one.  It had been quite a while since we'd worked together so I had to search high and low before I finally found him sitting on the shelf under my desk.  At first I wasn't sure it was him, but after sweeping away the cob-webs and blowing off the dust, there stood my trusty Cricut ready for work.  I grabbed my "A Child's Year" cartridge and we made Luke's card together.
I used Recollections Blue Elephants designer paper and card stock for this entire project.
I was so happy with the way Luke's card turned out, I spent the rest of the day making cards with Mr. Cricut.  I'll have to put him to work more often :)

Meet my crafty friends!
(L to R)
Lovely Linda from Turtle in the Sand, Fabulous Jeni from Flip Flop Creations, Jeni's magnificent mom & proud Great Grandma Jan, Me with adorable Baby Luke, and beautiful, creative & proud mom Savannah
I wish that every reader be blessed with good friends in life.  There is nothing more fulfilling than having great friends to rejoice with during the good times and lift each other up during the bad.
My thanks and love to the ladies pictured! I'm a lucky gal to have these wonderful people in my life.

Don't forget...
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The Squirrel and The Fox
Theme:  All Creatures Great and Small
Come and Get It
Theme:  Black and White with a Splash of Color

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Hugs and Happy Crafting

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sketchbook News: April's Free Digital Stamp and Things to Come!

I'm sure glad Spring has finally arrived at Oak Pond.  Our Cherry trees, Red Bud and Live Oaks are in full bloom.  The Day lilies and Amaryllis are peeking their way out of the soil and should be in bloom by Easter. So much color after a cold, snowy winter is just the inspiration I need to get creative!  This week I'm sponsoring:
The theme this fortnight is All Creatures Great and Small.
Grab your furry, scaly or feathered inspiration and join the fun for a chance to win 3 free images from the Oak Pond Studio.

Take a peek at what's popping up in my sketchbook:

Don't forget to stop by the studio!

I hope you have a perfect weekend!
 April's Free Digital image is
Oliver Wrecker Explores
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Monday, March 3, 2014

Sketchbook News: What's New and Free digital Stamp for March!

March has arrived and warmer weather has finally made it to South Carolina, USA.  March brings warmer days and of course, National Craft month.  I think I would be safe to assume that March is every one's favorite time of year.
Happy Crafting!
My new illustration began from, not happy, but chaos and frustration. *sigh*
We all have days when nothing goes right, right?   Well, I've have three full weeks of it and before I knew it, this guy ended up on my sketch pad.  I personally think he's pretty darn funny and that my friends, makes the frustrating times worth it.
Oak Pond Introduces:
 Grump Fish
Grump Fish is now in the studio.
Click the image above to swim on over.

Your March Free Digital Stamp is Tropical Flower:
THE MARCH FREE DIGI HAS EXPIRED. Check back soon for April's free stamp!
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Hugs and happy crafting!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sketch Saturday Challenge!

Hello my crafty friends.  I hope all is well in your world today.  I'm joining the girls over at
for this week's challenge. The winner of this challenge will get to pick 3 free digital stamps from Oak Pond Creations Illustration Studio!  Here's the challenge sketch by Alex.  Get your craft on and join in!
I modified the sketch to fit my card.  Designer paper by American Girl and card stock from my stash.  The digital stamp is OPC's Umbrella colored with Copics.  I hope you join us over at Sketch Saturday for some fun.  I'd love to see what you create!
Don't forget to check out what's new at Oak Pond Digital Illustration Studio this month.
OPC's Irish Hat

OPC's Love Flamingos

and OPC's Tulips are just a few!

Have a beautiful, crafty weekend :)
Hugs and happy crafting! -Kim

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oak Pond Creations Sponsors Send A Smile 4 Kids

Good day, crafters!  I hope everyone on this side of the pond is starting to thaw out from all the ice and snow.  What a crazy few weeks in Myrtle Beach.  We had an ice storm here in our usual sub-tropic surroundings.  Take a look at a few scenes from Oak Pond:

 The ice was beautiful, but in the end very destructive.  We accumulated almost an inch of it throughout the county.  Many of the native Live Oak Trees throughout the area succumbed to the weight of the ice.  It caused their large limbs to break off, damaging some and completely destroying others.  Most of these trees are hundreds of years old so the loss is very sad.  The good new is we have thawed out and the weather forecast has South Carolina seeing warmer temperatures.

This week I'm happy to be sponsoring a fabulous challenge called Send A Smile 4 Kids

This is a challenge that allows you to donate your challenge card for inpatient children at various Children's Hospitals.  There are a few guidelines to follow when making your card and the card theme this week is:
Punches and/or Diecuts
If you participate you have a chance to win a free digital stamp from the Oak Pond Creations Studio so get crafty and join in! 
I have a few new images that might inspire you, take a look:

OPC's Love Flamingos

OPC's Irish Hat
 OPC's Lifebuoy

OPC's Tulips 
OPC's Umbrella 

These images can be purchased in the Studio by clicking on the picture.  Don't forget to grab your free February Digital Image and head on over to Facebook and "Like" Oak Pond Creations.  You'll get the latest news and new releases first!  Hugs and happy crafting :) -Kim

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sketchbook News: February's Free Digital Stamp & What's New!

Happy February, crafters.  I hope you are thawing out from those crazy winter storms and staying warm and toasty.  I have new images to share this week.  Spring is on my brain and I'm sketching like a mad woman.  Let's start with OPC's Spring Tulips:
You can't have May flowers without some April showers right?  I sketched a lovely umbrella to shelter us from the rain.  :)
Finally, since it's been soooo cold over here in Myrtle Beach, my friend Jeni requested an extra large cup of Starbucks.  Now, when your friend asks you for a favor you never turn them down, right?  She sent the photo and I sketched.  Great teamwork :)  I can't wait to see what she creates with OPC's Grande  :)
All of these images are available for purchase at my studio.
Just click the button below and locate the "New" section of the shop.
Don't forget to stop by my Facebook page and hit the "Like" button for Oak Pond Creations.  Upload a creation you've made with an Oak Pond image for all to see :)  You can also join my e-mail list above for monthly freebie alerts.  I love reading your comments so please leave some love and ideas for what kind of images you would like to see appear at the studio.

Your February free digital stamp is Jeni's Margarita. Enjoy!

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 Thank you :)
Hugs and happy crafting! -Kim

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January's Free Digital Stamp and Love in the Studio!

Happy Wednesday crafters!  I'm sponsoring a new challenge at Crafters Cafe and want to leave you with this month's free digital stamp.  To join the challenge just click the button below.  Don't forget the leave the DT some lovely comments while you're there :)

Valentine's day is fast approaching!  Don't forget to check out the available love in the studio <3 All of the following digital images can be purchased at

This month's free digi is Flower Pot Frog.
He's available until January 31st.

Enjoy your free digi. Feel free to post a link to my blog post so others can grab this image from here.
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If you have made a project using and Oak Pond image don't forget to post it to the Oak Pond Creations Facebook Page.  Hugs and happy crafting! -Kim

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sketchbook News: New Release Digis and a Challenge!

Happy Day Crafters!  I hope your Monday is perfect and you're up and raring to go :)  I'm sponsoring a challenge this week over at
This challenge is unique in that, you can add your card to as many challenges as you can.  Just make sure your card fits the theme of each challenge. They even give a list of challenge blogs for you.  Check it out and link up for your chance to win 3 digital stamps from my Etsy studio and of course, don't forget to leave the design team some lovely comments.  They're inspiration cards are just stunning.
I've just added a couple of new digis to the Oak Pond Creations Digital Illustration Studio.
The first one was sketched after one of my beautiful Border Collies, Piper.  She's a high flyin', high energy, crazy gal.  Simply the sweetest and smartest dog I've ever shared my home with.
This is the real Piper taking a rare break.
Enjoy the new stamps in the studio and don't forget to check out the challenge this week at Pile it On!
Oak Pond Creations Border Collie
Oak Pond Creations Cupids Heart.
When you purchase this stamp you also get another stamp with a blank banner.
Have a great week.  Hugs and happy crafting! -Kim

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tutorial: Altered Composition Book

 This year my passion for books has me diving in to the world of book-making.  I like to watch articles and tutorial videos by book designers and fabricators.  I made my first journal in October of 2013.  It was a mess but I've been hooked ever since.
Altered Composition Books are one of the more inexpensive and easier book projects to make. This idea is not my own.  I'll only take credit for my creative spin and decorating on my projects. The basics come from many talented crafters before me. In this post I'll pass on what I've learned from them and show you how I make a tabbed composition book like this:
The main ingredient is TIME.
At every step be patient and let the glue dry.  If you skip this important step and rush the book, it will end up an unsightly, warped mess.
I know firsthand :\
Let's get started!
Supply List:
Sewn signature (NOT GLUED) composition book
2 pieces of 8.5" X 11" scrap or parchment paper for mess
2 pieces of 8.5" X 11" designer paper for covers
Bone folder
Score board
Book press or heavy books

Place a piece of scrap or wax paper between the covers and the pages of your book to create an apron.  This prevents glue from sticking to the pages.  Coat the entire cardboard surface of the book cover with glue. (DO NOT put glue on the spine.  We will cover that later.)

Apply designer paper to the glued surface of the book.
Butt the paper right up to the edge of the cloth black spine. 
Use a bone folder to smooth away air bubbles.
 Trim the corners of the paper on an angle.
Use your bone folder to carefully tuck and crease the corners of your paper.
Fold the flaps to the inside and glue.


Place parchment paper apron between the glued covers and pages, close the book and press it dry.

Once the front and back covers are dry, you can add tabs to your pages.  I used a label punch by EK and cut each label in half.  I glued one tab on each side of the page for strength.

  Most of my comps have 3 tabs but this book was a custom project that required 12 tabs.
Tab spacing can be a bit of a challenge.  But once you've done it once or twice it's easy peasy!
To position tabs, lay them out on the book and space evenly, mark location lightly with a pencil then glue to the appropriate pages.

I added a size 16 snap closure to my book using a snap tool from my local art store.
I seated the snap receiver on front cover
and the snap on a closure ribbon attached to the back cover

To cover the spine, measure the width and height of the black cloth spine.
I cut the paper for the spine 1 inch taller than the height measurement and folded 1/2" on each end to the inside. (See below)  It adds strength and is more aesthetic than raw edged paper.
Slightly bend your spine cover into a u-shape as shown above and dry fit to the spine double checking your measurements. (You want the entire black cloth spine to disappear)
Put glue on the entire inside surface of the spine cover then adhere it to the black cloth spine.
Make sure the spine seats evenly and is straight from front to back/top to bottom.
Let the spine dry completely before continuing.

Glue a ribbon to hide the seam where the spine and cover papers meet.  Cut your ribbon 2" longer that the height of the book. Glue the ribbon to the seam then fold each ribbon flap around and glue to the inside of your covers.

Next we will conceal your work on the inside of the cover.  Measure and cut the paper so that it will leave 1/4" border on all sides.  Put glue on the entire surface of the paper and adhere to the inside of your covers.  Use a bone folder to smooth out air bubbles.  Place parchment apron between the cover and pages, close the cover and press the book dry.
Check to make sure all edges are sealed with glue.  If you find any unsealed areas, add a bit of glue and seal it.  Once dry, you can add pockets.
Cut designer paper to half the width of the book cover and 1/4" shorter than the height.  Adhere with glue on 3 sides and allow to dry.

Add embellishments and decorations as desired.  The combinations are endless.
I hope you enjoy making your own altered composition book.
Hugs and happy crafting!